Installing JDK 1.7.1 under Slackware

I am trying to install the JDK 1.7.1 under Slackware 7.0
I have gunzipped and untarred the tar.gz

There is not a Setup or Install file.  How do I go about installing this?
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barreroConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To install jdj 1.7.1, the only thing you need to do is untar and unzip the file, somewhere in your filesystem (lets say /usr/local/jdk_1.7.1). Inside this directory, there will be a bin subdir and other ones necessaries to jdk to run.
Next you can do a symlink like this:

cd /usr/local/
ln -s jdk_1.7.1 jdk

Just to have a standard directory name where you can find jdk (doing this way, it will be easier to upgrade your versions without to many changes).

Last, you need to add into your path: /usr/local/jdk/bin

and you're done!

With this version of jdk you don't need to set explicitly the CLASSPATH variable.

It works really fine for me....


There's always a README or INSTALL file that will tell you how to build and install a software package. Have you downloaded a source package or a binary package?

 You'll probably have to issue the following commands:

 make install

 But only reading the docs will tell.
churleyAuthor Commented:
Actually, i figured my problem out.  I had set the JAVA_HOME and JAVA_CLASSES paths wrong.  Thanks for the suggestion though.
churleyAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay in answering, I have been out of town.
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