IXTV card loses signal after reboot

I recently purchased an IXTV card for my PC from IXMicro. This product is great, once I got it working. My problem is a simple one. Everytime I reboot, I lose the TV input signal to the card (I get a green screen from the TV). I can fix it by removing the device IXTV BT848 from the device manager, and then running "Add new hardware". Then when I start IXTV, it comes back.
I got one cryptic email back from their support department. I've installed their latest driver off their website, and the latest driver for my video card (STD Powergraph 64 Video). I know this is a little off base, but I expect there is a simple answer to this problem. You guys have yet to let me down!
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I had this exact same problem... along with the runaround from tech support at STD.

It turns out that there was some static or something that shorted the capictor that regulates singles from the TV.

The card works fine when first initalized because the firmware flushes these capicitors... but alas, after a reboot the capacitors are charged, the damage to the capacitors kicks in, and the single is lost.

I only found this out because I have a friend majoring in EE and he did some wacky stuff to the board to try and fix it.

He gave up, and I sent it back for a new one. The new one works great... haven't had any problems.

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wieganAuthor Commented:
I tried calling their support line (888-467-8282), and get a message that the number is no longer connected. I can't return it without an RMA number. Do you have a different phone number to contact IXMicro? Getting a new board that works would be great.
Hmmm.... I no longer have the board (sold it) but it continues to work in my friends machine.

I will try and call him to see if he has a support number for STB.

Other than that, I don't know what to say.
wieganAuthor Commented:
I've had no problems with my STB board. It has worked flawlessly for 3 years. The problem is with the IXMicro IXTV card. I need a contact for them, not STB. Are we on the same page here?
hehe.... that's what I mean, not STB... sorry.
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