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RAM incompatibility

I wish to install 3 times 128MB 168pin ram chips into a new Compaq PIII.  This is to replace the 2 times Hyundai 64MB chips that came with the new machine.  After swaping the ram chips I get a message saying there is an incompatibility with DIMM ram!!.  I would like to know whether it is possible to use other 168pin ram in this new system and if so how to sucessfully install the chips.  I was intending on installing 4 times 128 MB ram but the motherboard has only 3 times 168pin ram slots?
1 Solution
It is new? Then talk to Compaq direct, get them to pay attention by telling them you are returning the machine if you cannot upgrade the ram.
Install just one DIMM and boot.
Do you still see the error-message?
If not, install a second DIMM and try again.
Are you using 168pin 100mhz ram?
168 pin still comes in 66mhz which may cause you a problem it used on a 100mhz motherboard so check your specs s
rodleaAuthor Commented:
the 128MB 168pin ram i wish to install is about 3 yrs old and is likely 66mhz.  the new compaq motherboard is 100mhz.  is there no way around this incompatibility in frequency
> is there no way around this incompatibility in frequency ?

Two ways:

 - swap a few dollars and the 66Mhz RAM for 100MHz RAM -- in my town, there are computer-stores which will do this.

 - setup the motherboard to limit it to 66Mhz operation. (Yes, it will slow your computer down, but you asked for a way!)

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