Monitoring a local socket

How can I monitor a known port on a local system(win95) and capture data being sent to/from the port?  

 There is a HTTP proxy running on that is causing trouble, and I'd like to capture the data going through it to try and work out why.
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kloverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can crudely monitor a port from a DOS prompt with...

netstat -n -p TCP 5

You can capture data with Socket Workbench...

Steve RoseCommented:
You can use the Network monitor on an NT server. This is the loopback local IP address for the local host so I am not sure you will see these packets because they are not actually passed through an interface like they would if they were going to a remote host.

For some reason the server is routing packets back to its self.
syzygyAuthor Commented:
The application isn't on NT server.  Either NT workstation or 95 (I could probably manage to get it installed on Win2K also)
Steve RoseCommented:
The wording is wrong on the above answer. I misunderstood and thought you were stating that this is an NT box.

There are all kinds of packet snuffers you can use to capture IP traffic that can be loaded on Windows 95/98 or NT machine. The question states Widnows 95 but your last comment states it is not on a Windows NT server win95 or NT wrks.
"The application isn't on NT server.  Either NT workstation or 95 " No matter what platform this is the packets are on the IP address and you are not going to see these on the network wire because they are local loopback packets. The server is routing packets back to the local host internaly.

The only one I have used very much is Microsoft’s SMS server’s implementation of Network Monitor.

I am guessing by the post this has something to do with a web server platform.
syzygyAuthor Commented:
socket workbench turned out to work just fine once I'd done some re-configuring.
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