Somehow I have disconnected my CD ROM player. When I insert the CD and go to play it, all I get is a message that says "the disc you are trying to play is not installed in the CD Rom Drive. Please insert the disc and try again." The disc is in the drive. Help!! How do I reactive the CDAudio player? I have win 98 OS.
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hiap_hoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try this.
Go to control panel>>system>>device manager and remove the CD-ROM. Then restart your computer. When Win98 autodetect the CD-ROM, it'll ask you to install the driver which will require your Win98 CD. Just reinstall the CD-ROM.  
Q. Is your cd-rom drive able to see other cd's like the win 98 disk?
Remove it from the device maneger and press refresh or start over.  Also, make sure you don't have two audio programs running at the same time.  If one is running(even though there is no disc in) you can't access the drive, no matter what type of disc is in, when you try to run the other.  So shut down all audio programs, put the disc in and let the default audio program open and play  the disc.  If this isn't the problem, open the computer and make sure the wire between the CD and the audio card didn't fall out.
DougBrowningAuthor Commented:
After a couple of reboots, the CD ran just fine. Thanks for your answers.
No problem
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