Registering a com exe server as service??

I have written a com server that's an EXE. When I register it on a PC that has Visual Studio installed using

MyServer.exe /RegServer
and MyServer.exe /Service,
it works fine and appears in the services panel in control panel. But when I try to do the same on a PC that has no visual studio installed, it does not work. Even though I have run the setup of my s/w that I developed in install sheild for distribution.
Please help...
Waiting for reply...
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anoopsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a guess..Try installing ATL.dll.
You could avoid this my compiling for minmum dependancy
did you check the dependencies using depend
if you are using VC6 it is shipped with the package.
probably you are missing an DLL or you have an other version of a DLL on the other PC
MoinAuthor Commented:
yes i have checked using depend and all the dependencies are their as reported by it
are you loggedin on both machines as adminstrator or equivalent ?
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