Test if a specified App exists or not?

I want to test if some application exits or not for, and I want the application to test is there an instance of it already exists in memory or not?


All applications I want to know if it is exists in memory (Running) is written by Delphi.

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I have an example that should help you on my website:


Good luck!!

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Hi Motaz, I'm not sure what you mean. Does your application A wants to know only if there is already another instance of A running? Then DrDelphi has the right answer for you. But if your application A wants to know if the applications B and C are already running then you should download the free unit "enumStuff.pas" from my homepage (works only for D4 and D5) and use the function GetProcessList.
About your first question: What do you mean with "I want to test if some application exits"? Do you mean, you want to know whether it is installed or not? Or what?

Regards, Madshi.
  My example doesn't necessarily have to be used to prevent multiple instances... I could just as easily look for an instance of Word (or anything else for that matter. Another example would be:


come to think of it, you *could* use this example as well...


(that's the last one, promise!)

MotazAuthor Commented:
Thanks it works.

Madshi see my new quesion (Closing another application)

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