Creating console GUI effects

In a console application, how can I make some of the characters stay statically on the screen while other parts change dynamically?

An example of this would be a program that reads a huge 10 meg file, and as it reads it, prints its contents to the screen while having the last row of the console window be a status bar that shows the percentage of file read.

Chris O.
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Billy_PilgrimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are using win95/winnt, i can send you a 'library' i created- not an actual library but the source code and an example that will allow you to control console gui.

if you are using win95/ winnt and don't want to look at my code, have a look at winapi help for SetConsoleCursorPosition() and such. . .
core123Author Commented:
I'd like to learn how to accomplish this without the use of a library, if possible.
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