Where may i put my Servlet?

i made a Servlet by Borland JBuilder. Now i have to publish it on my WEB server Mycrosoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Where to put my Servlet?
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theoneandonlyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IIS does not support servlets directly, you may need to download a plugin like ServletExec or JRun. I have tried ServletExec on IIS, it works well. You could also visit the url below for additional information:
http://www.newatlanta.com/index.html (for the ServletExec)
- a trial version is available

Once you install the ServletExec on the machine on which IIS is installed, you can put your servlet in the directory:
<local IIS directory>/ServletExec ISAPI/Servlets

You will also need to register your servlets using the ServletExec admin tool (which is a browser based tool)
Well the best connectivity I have used so far is JRun2.3

This is available as a free download from

After you download this app, just go through the installation...It's self exp.
Load your servlet into

the Jrun installation directory\servlets\
pFaz69Author Commented:
i have another problem. i put my .class file in the folder you told me but i can't get in touch with it; have you an idea about why?
pFaz69Author Commented:
i put on ServletExec
rock on theoneandonly.
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