How to detect that Notes is running AND user has logged in?

I have a utility program that runs some Notes-related tasks, then launches Notes R5, and then runs some more tasks which rely on the user being successfully logged into Notes.

Does anyone know a reliable test which an external program can use to check if a user has fully started Notes, entered their password etc?

I can tell that Notes is running, but how can I be sure that the user did not leave Notes at one of the startup prompts (Password, Location, "Your password has expired...")? Or that they entered their password, but Notes is still busy starting up or something?

I can detect if the password etc prompt windows are present, but the absence of those prompts is NOT a 100% reliable way of knowing that Notes is fully started and the user is logged in - I need something more definite...

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Some type of weird thing:
1. Create some DB
1.1 In Database script, write subroutine that responds on DB open event. This sub. must write some var. into NOTES.INI (or create some flag file on disk)
1.2 Modify ACL of this DB, so that non-autorised user has no access to it. This prevents sub. in 1.1 from execute.
1.3 from Notes menu File->Tools->User Preferences click on "StartUp Database" button, and select your DB. Now, every time user starts Notes, DB will open and sub. you created in 1.1 will execute.
1.4 (optional) modify sub. in 1.1 to force DB close immediatly after open. This means that user not need to close DB manually.

2. Modify you external program.
2.1 Wait for flag or var. in Notes.INI., wich occurs only if Notes starts succesfuly
2.2 ... and delete it :)
2.3 Do your work with running Notes.

3. Excuse me for my English.

I have no R5 installed, and all those suggesstions applyes to R4.6. But I think it will work in R5 to.

some thoughts: if your ext. app. not runnig, someone other must delete flag, or sub. (1.1) must check if ext. app. is running before create flag. This checking can be accomplished via other flag that created by ext. app. before starting Notes.

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GasarakiAuthor Commented:
gvisu, good idea, I will probably use this approach. Thanks.
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