CGI Using Delphi..

How can i reply to the Request i recieved with the same page+its contens(i mean someone submit a form and there is an error in his data as duplicate login name so how to send a response with the same page and his previous information he use to enter,to avoid reentering information.
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omeralfarougAuthor Commented:
omeralfarougAuthor Commented:
i'am using CGI Stand Alone Executable,TWebmodule,so which methods i can use and how?.
omeralfarougAuthor Commented:
in another meaning i need the function or procedure which can do the same function of the Back Arrow in the web Browser(Explorer,Netscape...etc).
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In this case I send an 'error' page (plain text, no links or buttons), where I describe what kind of error it is and ask the user to press BACK button himself.

<B>Error !</B> Description follows:<HR>
Bla bla<HR>
Press <STRONG>BACK</STRONG> to continue !
or you can use a button on the page above this way:
<INPUT TYPE=submit NAME="OKBtn" VALUE="OK" OnClick="history.go(-1);return true;">

Pressing the button will go back.

Regards, Geo

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omeralfarougAuthor Commented:
hi geobul,
let me try and i will confirm u.
omeralfarougAuthor Commented:
thanks goebul,
but would u tell me how can i do it without sending button to the user as to press it,i mean in the follwing code of delphi using CGI:
is it possible!
There is a way to send nothing. I mean if you find an error, you can tell the server that there is no response and the client browser will stay on the page of the request.

{ some web action }
{ Here you already know that there is an error }
  Response.StatusCode := 204;
  Handled := True;

That's all. Setting status code to 204 means that there is NO CONTENT.

I hope that this is clear.

Regards, Geo
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