Talking to a Parallel port

Is there a way to programmatically talk to a parallel port? I know how to talk to a serial port using the mscomm control, but I'd like to send a constant stream of bits (hopefully to a particular pin) and I think using the serial port would eat up all the memory.

The mscomm control is also geared towards modem communications, which I don't really want - I'd probably like a lower level function to say "start sending bits to pin 5 now" and "stop sending bits now".
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Download the driver from the following site for PCL-720 and it gives you some API's to program Parallel port.

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You can use VB with Printer comands, but only to write, with limitations, to pin's 1-9 of conector DB-25 of parallel port.   But to talk with parallel port you can use DLL you can find in  searching 'parallel port', like IOPort.VBX (VB3) or LPT.OCX (VB5,6)

This DLL has capability to do input (INP or PEEK function) or output (OUT or POKE function) from Parallel Port, no permited in Visual Basic alone.   The best explanation I found in:
Peter Anderson Home Page (
Jane Axelson Page, or

Then, your code can use DLL's funcion for input or output electronic signals in pin's of DB25 conector.  If your computer has bidirectional Parallel Port, you can use 1 to 9 pin's for both input and output; if not you can use 1-9 for output and others (13, 15, ..) for input.  In any case, you use a decimal value 0-255 for values of 8 bits (binary to decimal conversion), with this code:

Dir =888 'decimal address for Paralell Port
OUT Dir, 0 'for clearing port
'For write
  Valor= 'decimal value for 8 bits, corresponding to 8 signals in connector pi`'s
  OUT Dir, Valor

'For output
  Input = INP(Dir + 1) 'Register for output is following address

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