Formatting C: Re-installing Win98

I need to know how to format my c drive and re-install windows98. I have made a startup disk and went into the help menu from it and it says to type format c:/s to format is this right and how do i re-install windows98 after i format?
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GnissmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First fo all make sure you have floppy disk prepared which will allow you to boot your PC and at least give you access to your CD-ROM drive.

Next take a look at your Win98 CD and find the setup.exe. Remember the path! In an ordinary Win98 this should be something like X:\Win98\setup.exe where X is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

Then you can start your PC in DOS-Mode and enter "format C:\"    - BUT BE AWARE: All data will be positively LOST!

Afterwards boot your PC using the floppy disk and start the setup from the Win98 CD.

If you have further questions - please feel free to ask! It's better to ask twice than to suffer some irrepairable damage... ;-)

1)  Create your start-up disk by using the Add/Remove Programs Control Pannel.  There is a tab called Start-up Disk (or very similar)!  The advantage of ysing this is that it has a copy of generic CD-ROM drivers included on the floppy.
2)  I would also use Find Files or Folders to put fdisk.exe on your floppy as well.  (Windows doesn't do this one for you automatically.)
3)  Start with boot floppy in drive...
4)  Format C:\
5)  After formatting, go to your CD drive letter, typically E or F.
6)  Type in setup.exe
7)  Continue though the setup process.

Too easy, mate...  :)
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