Reading Joliet extension CDs on Solaris 2.6

Is it possible to mout a CD created with a Windows machine (ie iso9660 and joliet extensions) on Solaris 2.6 so that the full file names are visible. I don't want to write the CD with Rock Ridge extensions. Is there a patch or a cetain combination of `mount` options that will allow this?
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seredaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since noone proposed another answer or comment, i guess that my previous comment could be graded as an answer, heh?
I am sorry to tell you that, but as far as i know, there are no ready ways to make Solaris understand Joliet.
You can write your own driver - that's it. But since Joliet is some kind of offspring from Microsoft (i guess that's the reason), Sun will not issue a patch for it.

So the the answers to both of your questions are 'NO'.
Thanks :)
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