!!!How to Open Delphi5 files in Delphi4???

I bring my program to my home to go on
with my work.
I use delphi5 at home,It's Pro version.

And today When I bring my work to my
company to run in  company's Delphi4 C/S
It said that can't read the form stream.
What can I do??
The project must be complied in company.
and i have spent 2 days on the form design
how can I open Delphi5 form In delphi4??
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mscatenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Delphi 5 now saves the DFM in text format in order to make it more compatible with version control software.

In Delphi5 you must save the file in the "old" format. Right click on the form, deselect "Text DFM" and save the form. It will save the form in the old binary format.

You may still get warning messages about properties that exist in Delphi5 but not in Delphi4, of course.
keronAuthor Commented:
I love you!!
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