CheckBox Question

Does anyone know of a way of 'hiding' the focus of a CheckBox's Caption when it's state is changed?

i.e. I want to be able to change the state of the CheckBox, without that causing it's caption to be focused or 'highlighted'.

Cheers, Chris.
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after changing the state should help.

this is a very simple answer. but it will solve your problem i think.

take a checkbox and clear the caption of the checkbox (resize the checkbox that its width and height is about 17 pixels). then put a label to the right side of the checkbox and put your checkbox text to the caption of the label.

now you'll never see a focus rect. if you the checkbox changing when someone clicks on the caption. then change checkbox state in the onclick of the label.


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she3i3iAuthor Commented:

I do not have an OnClick event for the checkbox. I'm reading its state from somewhere else and do not particularly want to put in an OnClick event just for that. I've used this method before and at the end of a project, code just gets too messy to read.


I have also used this method, and although its alot cleaner, I'm still curious if there is another way to go about it.

Cheers, Chris.
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simple and effective?

try in form's onshow:

//focus on checkbox's caption
checkbox1.checked := false;


//focus somewhere else
checkbox1.checked := false;

Isn;t this what you want?

You don't need an onclick event for the checkbox if you use a label as suggested by gnom.  Just create an OnClick event for the label that says...

  CheckBox1.Checked:=Not CheckBox1.Checked;

That'll do the trick!

you can make it have a parent that is not enabled, then the CanFocus property
is False
Or use dummy components for the visual effect; without events, and make the real one's invisible; place them on top of each other.

Never mind, it's late here...

How about it? I don't get why your code get's messy by what you want.
she3i3iAuthor Commented:
Although I have used the method before and... by the looks of it... again, I'm giving the points to gnom out of good old sportmanship as it was the closest to what I wanted to do.

Regards, Chris.
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