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Vectors ??

Well i am new to java. I want to write a small prog to add in to vector, delete a particular element , display all elements of vector and searching a particula object in vector.. assuming follwing is my object

class info {
String name ;
String Age;
String Tele no ;
1 Solution
Without a more specific question, the answer is:

To add an element to the vector create the object and use addElement:

Vector v=new Vector();
info i=new info();
//populate info data

To delete an element:

or to remove a specific object

To display all elements:
info ie;
for(int j=0; j<v.size(); ++j)
{  ie=(Info)v.elementAt(j);
   System.out.println("Element "+j+" "+ie);

searching for an element in the most general case would be something like:

info ie;
info s=new info();
//populate s
for(int j=0; j<v.size(); ++j)
{   ie=(info)v.elementAt(j);
    if(ie.name.equals(s.name) &&
       ie.age.equals(s.age) &&
if(j<v.size())System.out.println("Element at "+j);
else System.out.println("Element not found");

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