Is there a way I can program my printer to shut off when my computer shuts down ?
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The printer itself would have to have a hardware feature like that built into it that detects when the PC power it turned off however I have never known of any printers that can do this. There are no perphrial devices or software that I know of that you can buy to make it do this so I would say if your printer does not advertise that it can automatically power itself off then it cannot do it....
Most. printers nowadays if they have an energy saving feature have a sleep mode they go into if unused for a certain amount of time so in a way it is like being powered off they use very little power when they go into this mode  most laser printers have this some inkjets do too.
I have never known though of any printer that can power itself on and off from commands from the pc. Not even USB...
mrstokAuthor Commented:
thanks braincassin,
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