OL98: Installing Without IE4

My company uses IE4 as part of a core PC build. We will be upgrading this core build to include IE5 in the near future.

All applications are delivered to the user's desktop using a package installer, similar to Novell ZENWorks, or SMS.

As Outlook 98 is our corporate E-Mail client, and includes IE4, how can we strip IE4 from an Outlook 98 install so it will deliver to an machne with IE5 without wrecking the machine?
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The install will skip over most of the IE4 component of the OL98 install if it detects a later version of IE on the machine (it'll install some Java classes but not much else from that component). I've installed OL98 on an IE4.01 machine and an IE5 machine and its left IE alone.

You just have to make sure that you use the native installer not some repackaged install that might not use the correct logic (voice of pain & experience here :-)

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alistairjacksonAuthor Commented:
Yes, but that's using the install routine. What we have is a programme that captures file changes and Registry settings and then applies all those to 60,000 machines on log on.

What I need is a way of installing just the Outlook files with no reference to IE at all.
I don't think that's possible. Delta install methods fall down quite badly in situations like this (in real life I work in the electronic software distribution department of a large firm so I've tried things like this). You might need to run & script the native isntaller so that it uses the correct logic (unless all of your machines are exactly alike in every respect)
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