How do I Uninstall SMS 2.0

I am merging a server with SMS 2.0 into my current network and want to eliminate all traces of SMS.  The current setup has logon discovery installing sms on desktops at logon and this could pose a problem when it is brought online with my network.  I have search the Technet CD's as well as the internet for the best way to do this and have found nothing.  How do I uninstall SMS 2.0 from my NT4.0 Server safely to bring it online with my network
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gantriisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi paulte.

You should run the setup program and choose the option to uninstall the site on the machine.

From the Start menu:

Start ->
   Systems Management Server ->
      SMS Setup

This opens the SMS Setup program. Choose the "Remove SMS" option from there.

This however will not remove all files, registry keys and accounts. You need to do a little bit of manual clean-up after that as well. See Microsoft knowledge base article Q217044 for details about what you need to remove as well:

Paul, I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any problems doing any of the above or need additional information.

paulteAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the speedy reply.  If you have any personal opinions on SMS 2.0 please email me and let me know.  My company is looking into implementing it and I'd like to know your thoughts on the product.  Thanks Again.
paulteAuthor Commented:
Also,  the desktops that are currently in the domain containing the sms there something I need to do to the desktops using sms (ie.remove locally etc)?
You continually are the only source of the right answer. Thank you.
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