HML definition

I'm interested in finding out what HML is.  All I know is that it is an interface, like XML referred to in a white paper at

Thanks- Rob

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rnishimuraAuthor Commented:
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XHML, HXML XHL HML ommits the T (text). This is like saying you can mark
anything with it. However XHTML esssentially marks up textual information that is it doesn't markup chemical reactions or music, for example).
XTLA doesn't mention markup. (and I'm not sure what the T stands for)
The major difference between HTML and XHTML is the formulation in XML of
the latter. Thus use: TXML "Text (using) XML"
or maybe XMLT "XML (application to mark) Text"
In both the acronym XML is kept intact, thus pushing the generic
extensibility idea.

Check out this link for more;

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