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How do I obtain a poster-size enlargement of a 2-in. x 2-in. picture I found in a brochure?
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A poster size enlargement of a 2 x 2 picture needs to first be scanned at the highest resolution available and printed at 720 or 1440 dpi. Even at that, it will be very grainy.
When a brochure is printed it is printed with a pattern of dots called a moire pattern. There are only so many dots per inch. If you scan it at an ultra high rez all you will accomplish is really high quality dots. Then when you print it large you will get really large dots spaced far will look like a lichtenstein painting gone horribly awry. Sometimes youre able to blur the image and then use photoshops Unsharp Mask but when youre making that large a size change blur/unsharp mask isnt going to do anything useful for you except make big fuzzy dots.

To get a poster size from a 2x2 you are going to HAVE to have the origional photograph. You cant make something from nothing.

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Weed's answer is entirely correct... unless by chance the 'picture' happens to be something quite simple like line art. Were that the case (I know it's doubtful), you could get a good scan and create a vector graphic and go from there.
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