Runtime error 3131(brewdog)

I am getting a runtime error in the code behind my combo box in the AfterUpdate Event Procedure.

This is my line of code:

Me.RecordSource = "select * from Join where GroupID = " & cboGroup

Join is my table name and GroupID is the number id of group/dept

I am however getting this error when I select a group/dept from the combo box cboGroup:

Runtime error 3131  Syntax error in from clause
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Me.RecordSource = "select * from [Join] where GroupID = " & cboGroup

Join is an SQL reserved word, so you must set it off with brackets.


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eh! this question even has my name in it. :o) I don't think BrianWren has enough work to do . . .

His suggestion is the first thing I noticed, too, Kristin. You'll notice that in the DB I sent you, I named all of my tables starting with tbl. I do that for two reasons:

1. When looking at a list of objects, I immediately know what kind of object it is: tbl is table, qry is query, frm is form, cmd is command button, etc. When you start working on larger apps, this kind of naming convention will seem integral to you.

2. There are a lot of words Access doesn't like anyone else to use: Join, Name, Filter, Type, etc. By putting the "tbl" in front of my table, I can give them "reserved" words that describe what's in the table without Access choking on them. (Any reserved word will need to have brackets around it, as Brian says.)


P.S. in future, you can e-mail me with followup questions like this. If they get tricky or if I'm very busy, I'll let you know and you can post them out here. This one probably wasn't worth 100 points, though. :o)
kristincaAuthor Commented:
Whoops! My mistake.  Thanks Lots.
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First question I've gotten in 2 days!  Beware, it's a drought....
drought? Is that why I see your comments on just about every question I look at? You'd think that a rapid rise from not-even-on-the-top-15-list to almost-number-10 would be enough for you . . .
The world is not enough . . .  (<Place maniacal laughter here>)
Thanks, Bond.
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