VC++ & NT Event Log, What is the "Associated Message File"?

I am trying to add event logging to the NT Event Log to my VC++ program. I can log everything via ReportEvent() but do not know where I am supposed to define message formats for used with the messageId.  The online help references a "message file associated with the event source". What is this? How is it created? Any other help  with event logging would be appreciated.
(I am using VC++ 5 on an NT 4 with SP5).
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to create a .mc file. Check out the mc.hlp in the Bin directory of your Visual C++. And check out the following sample and look into the events.c, pop3evnt.*.

Pop3 Sample: POP3 Sample
tholt1Author Commented:
Thanks! This will get me started and hopefully completed, but if I have some problems I hope you will be able to provide more help.
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