Configure Outlook 2000 with Exchange Server

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I've searched and searched and cannot find where to configure Outlook 2000 to point to an Exchange server.  It was blatantly obvious with Outlook 97 under services.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

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You might need to take a look under Help > About MS Outlook and confirm that the client has been installed in Corporate/Workgroup mode.  (Outlook 98/2000 added No Email and Internet Mail Only to the mix.  When in this mode, you might notice that you have a Tools > Accounts but no Tools > Services.)

Anyway, if you are configured in Internet Mail Only or No Email mode, you just need to reconfigure the mail support by selecting Tools > Options > Mail Delivery > Reconfigure Mail Support button.  Make sure you have the installation media on hand because your going to need it.

Once this is done, you should feel more at home on how to add Exchange Server support.

Good Luck...


Thanks for your help!  Now I'm back in business!!!

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