SB Live Value! MP3+ compared to SB Live Value! X-Gamer

Could you list  the main differences betwen the Soundblaster live value! MP3+ and the Soundblaster live value! X-Gamer sound boards?
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not worried about the points and didn't even realize I posted as an answer.  That's not my style, sorry.  
the differences are basically only software that is bundled with the cards.  MP3 bobviously has software geared towards MP3's and digital music where as the X-gamer is bundled with a few games and also has environmental support for various compatible games.

both reprogrammable to upgrade codecs, and standards.

check out these links to find more
julitoAuthor Commented:

I've rejected your answer only because it was the first and the only one.

I'd like to see some other answers too!.

Don't worry about your points: I'll give them you in case nobody else drop any other answer or if those answers are  no so satisfactory as your  is.

I do this because I belive that is I accept the now the question is going to be closed (no more answers) and I do nothing the question remain locked for rst of the world.
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julitoAuthor Commented:
Hi, 1cell,

it's enough for me: I've got a nice table comparing the boards packages:
julitoAuthor Commented: where I got       thanks to   Mark Muschett  @   3DsoundSurge

are fine!
hehe, glad I could help
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