SB Live Value! MP3+ compared to SB Live Value! X-Gamer

Could you list  the main differences betwen the Soundblaster live value! MP3+ and the Soundblaster live value! X-Gamer sound boards?
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the differences are basically only software that is bundled with the cards.  MP3 bobviously has software geared towards MP3's and digital music where as the X-gamer is bundled with a few games and also has environmental support for various compatible games.

both reprogrammable to upgrade codecs, and standards.

check out these links to find more
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I've rejected your answer only because it was the first and the only one.

I'd like to see some other answers too!.

Don't worry about your points: I'll give them you in case nobody else drop any other answer or if those answers are  no so satisfactory as your  is.

I do this because I belive that is I accept the now the question is going to be closed (no more answers) and I do nothing the question remain locked for rst of the world.
not worried about the points and didn't even realize I posted as an answer.  That's not my style, sorry.  

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julitoAuthor Commented:
Hi, 1cell,

it's enough for me: I've got a nice table comparing the boards packages:
julitoAuthor Commented: where I got       thanks to   Mark Muschett  @   3DsoundSurge

are fine!
hehe, glad I could help
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