Macromedia for Pesentation !

I am used to powerpoint for slides presentation.
Is it possible to use Macromedia for presentation? and which one?
Is it free ? or can we download a demo version ?
easy or difficult to use?


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Hiya aja - I hope I can help you out!

1) I am used to powerpoint for slides presentation.

If you start using flash, you'll notice that it's quite different, but so much more user-friendly and fun than PowerPoint ever could be. Flash has frames that PowerPoint calls slides, but Flash stores all the information in a vector as opposed to WMF and PPT files. This means you could fit about ten large mimicked PowerPoint presentations done in Flash on a 1.44 meg floppy with room to spare.

Flash is FAST. It's great to use. And it's the best web and presentation development tool around now. Its competitors provide no contest.

2) Is it possible to use Macromedia for presentation? and which one?

Yes, it's VERY possible! Use Macromedia Flash 4.0 to create cool presentations - a utility included with the package allows you to save the presentation as an .exe file, meaning that ANY user with a good-enough processor speed can run it! It packages all sound, graphics, everything together in one single file.
3) Is it free ? or can we download a demo version ?

Not free - in fact, it's $US299 ($US320 if you want the manual and a backup CD mailed to you - it's really worth it) - but you can download a free 30-day trial version from:

You have to fill out a form before you download it.
4) easy or difficult to use?
Flash is one of the most user-friendly animation tools around. The first time you use it, it runs a *complete* tutorial for you so you can get started quickly! The only really hard part about Flash is its own scripting language, which can control internal operation of different movie clips, launch URLs, and all that other advanced stuff that you're probably not ready for yet.

All in all - if you need an awesome animation tool to do presentations, Flash 4 is it.

(P.S. In the trial version, you can create the .exe presentation already! You don't have to buy before you can save or any of that crap. It's fully functional for 30 days!)

Good luck! I hope my insight helped you!



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aja101498Author Commented:
Thanks alot for the good info. Just one question before I grade you:

You know you don't really need to take a course or to study it using a book in order to do powerpoint  and other programs. Can we use it without a book or taking a course. Taking a course in Flash costs a lot approx. $500 here in Europe. I appreciate your help. Thanks again.

No way. Flash requires no course. My job as a web designer is built on my own personal knowledge of Flash. It took maybe three weeks of sporatic studying to be able to create really magnificent effects.

I would not advise taking a course for Flash. It's much easier just to use the tutorial packaged with the software.

I hope this helps you!

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