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Making setup file?

I've finished my App with VC++, and get the release file. I want to make a setup file. It isn't neccesary to use tools like Install Shield to make one, especially for a little App. In fact, I want one like "winamp", just extracting some files to a directory, creating a shortcut in desktop, that's all.
  How can I do so? Need I write one by VC++? If so, I think I need specfic code example. And maybe there is a little tool to make the kind  of simple setup file.
1 Solution
xiaomaAuthor Commented:
 I download the 1-zip.
  But 1-zip is too simple and foolish, even can not create a new directory as an install directory.
Why not try winrar2.03?
You should read SFX.txt to learn script.Initially the installation SFX refers to a user data resource called
  "SCRIPT". If there is no resource with that name, the archive comment
  will be processed as the script.

Setup application is actually quite simple task to do, but it requires work. I've made one and used it in my application.

Size of my Setup app is 200KB. It contains app size of 112KB and HTML-help size of 22KB as a resource. I load resources after user has choosen the installation directory and other things.

I like to do things by myself. So, this setup app doesn't use MFC. It uses my own class library. That's why I can't give code example.

My co-worker found a small install application which can create directories and it has several other features too, if I remember correctly. It's free. It was used in our project at work. I'm sorry that I don't remember the name of it. I try to remember to post the info on Monday.


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