Independent Release File

 How can I know what shared DLL is included in my setup file to run my App?
  If I only use CListBox, CComboBox, CButton, and some shell functions, can the release file run independently? I use MFC shared DLL build mode.
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If you build your project using a Shared librarie i.e. MFC librarie, then your program will only run dependant on the existance of the mfc dll files.

CListBox, CComboBox, CButton are all MFC classes so are all rapped up inside of the mfc dll.
To determine what files your program needs at run time check out the following link.

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A better way to find out is to use the DEPENDS.EXE utility that comes with VC.  It will tell you exactly which DLLs you need.  it is recusrive so that if one of the DLLS you use also needs a DLL, it will be listed too.
I agree with nietod, the depends utility is a more efficient and easier way to determine the dependancies.
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