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Dear Experts,
   I want to send the documents that are stored in the hard disk through Email and Fax from my Visual Basic application.
    I have no idea. So please guide me and send me the sample code.

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sreenathkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do not know about fax, but I can tell you how to send attachemnt through email. If you want to start an email session using VB. You should start an MAPISession (Which will be property of MAPI32.dll in your machine). Once you given your authentication etc. there using MAPISession.SignOn(), you have to start a MAPIMessage(). This will give you all the features of email i.e. creating a new email, retriving an email, replying an email, accessing address book, sending an email etc. To attach an document in the email body using the functions AttachmentName and AttachmentPathName of MAPIMessage class. Try out these things. It is very easy to get the help for these topics in VB help. Search help for word "MAPI".
I think I have used: "Fax:1111111111" in stead of the e-mail adress when I needed to send a fax.
for faxing you could use winfax, it has some integration with vb, and for emailing you could use "gbmail.exe" or "sendmail.exe"
In order to use the fax service in win 98 you have to install the tool from the Win 98 CD-ROM. I do not remember the filenames but try a seach for fax or maybe find a directory called oldwin95.
Hi I am looking for a way to redirect faxes to my service by using Outllok.
The code should sound like:
(create email)
.To="[FAX: 123-456]"
Is that true? Thanx.
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