kyocera printing, cant set MM_LOMETRIC

I have a c++/mfc program that sets MM_LOMETRIC mode to enable exact positioning for printing.  This works fine on almost all printers, but for some reason I cant set that mode on Kyoceras (new and old) - the call fails and they remain on the default MM_TEXT.  Is there some special handling for kyoceras that I should know about?

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It is posible that the scale for the low metric unit is causing a overflow.  Does this printer have higher resolution than the other printers you have been working with?  

(If that is the case try using MM_ANISOTROPIC and setting the scale yourself using SetWindowExt and SetViewPortExt(), but specifiy the smallest possible values to these functions.  i.e you can generate a 1:2 scale using 1 and 2 or using 1000 and 2000.  You want to use small numbers to prevent an overflow.)

If you are under windows NT you can try calling GetLastError() to find out exactly what the problem is.

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tekwiniAuthor Commented:
thanks.  that sorted it out :)
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