Recovering Exchange PRIV.EDB

We have had a disk problem. The Exchange IS wont start. Though we have
been running backups of files, there is no explicit backup of the Exchange IS, so we can't restore from a non corrupt version.

I have run eseutil -p of the priv.edb. It does three sweeps. In the first it finds 3 inconsistent entries.

In the second it just scans a database and reports nothing.

When it gets to the "repairing database" section, it bombs out with

Operation terminated with error -1017 "Jet_errRecordDelete record has been deleted"

When I try to run ISINTEG -pri -fix -test alltests

It craps out with an error JET_errBadLogSignature while opening IS database.

There is about 480MB in the priv.edb. I can't beleive it is so badly corrupted.
I've often recovered databases before by running utilities but dont seem to have any luck this time.

Thanks for any help


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TooKoolKrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is the possiblity of finding exactly where the errors are and opening up the database in Word believe it or not to repare the inconsistent data by hand. I had a friend do this once to save my ass on a inconsistent dir.edb but it was only about 75Mb your is much greater in size but the possibilty still exsit. If you want more instructions let me know!
Is it after a reinstallation of the Server ?

The problem appears to be with the state of the logs. I would recommend that you backup what you have now and try the following.

1. Move all the .log and .chk files out of the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata directory
2. Run edbutil /r /is to regenerate the log and check files, and then try to
   start the service again.

Try to avoid ESEUTIL go for ISINTEG.
I am getting the same error after HDD errors of the exchange server. I have run eseutil /p /ispriv which gave the same results as in the question and then run isinteg with the same results.

I would like some information on repairing a database using word.
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