Newbie CGI query

I want to have a simple online database (perhaps Access) updated by internet users. What are the pros and cons of using CGI to do this? Can CGI be used to this? Would Delphi be appropriate to write the cgi file?
Also, if the online database is hosted at an ISP, is it possible to download all record changes to the offline, onsite database - perhaps once or twice a day? Is this a feasible way to do it? How is it usually done (architecture wise - where does the online database typically live).
Alot of help I know...will be greatly appreciated,
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First of all you have to know what system uses your ISP. Then
you have to know if your ISP will allow you to run CGI. CGI
can be used for this task. Ask your ISP if there is also some
database support installed on server and if you are allowed
to use it. Maybe you should also consider ASP or PHP.

When you will know on what system runs the server you
will be able to choose what tools to use. I doubt Delphi
is the good solution for any of the options you will choose.

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fwickesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Marco, just a another quickie....
How do I update my database(onsite) with the changes made to the online database(ISP)?
You can have to databases. One with all data and one with newly
added. Then you can download only new created data and
insert it in your local database. After you download the new data
you should empty the table.

You can also have a date field in your database which tells you
when the record was updated. That way you will know which
records have been updated since you donwloaded last time.

How would you download the data from your ISP depends on
what type of database you have on server.
fwickesAuthor Commented:
Thanks....much appreciated

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