PCI modem

I have an Ambient Data/Fax/Voice V.90 56k ,internal PCI modem.Made by Single Point.
Under windows it is COM port 3.However Linux does not see it,even if i was to set cua3.Is there any way to fix it?

I just installed Mandrake 7.
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biard1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ambient chipset modems are Host Based modems, which are not supported by Linux.  However, Ambient supplies drivers for it's modems to OEM manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, etc.  They are not readily available for public use.

See the following for more info:


Advice:  Get an external modem or an ISA modem with jumpers for manually setting the com port/irq.  Winmodems, HSP modems, HCF modems, and all other Host Based Modems (i.e. no UART) are not supported by Linux (except the Lucent Venus chipset).
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