NT Wkstn 4 mapping multiple drive letters to same share

Good day, folks

Having a helluva time with a Windows NT Wkstn 4.0/SP 3 (DLink 530TX n.i.c.) mapping multiple shares for a single network share that exists on a NT 4.0 Server/SP 3. Roughly 15 individual drive letters are mapped to the same share and the system hasn't been rebooted in 3 days nor has the user logged out of the network either. Those drive letters weren't there after first logon 3 days ago. Where could they come from?  2 other users mapped to same share (1 NT Wkstn 4.0/SP3 and 1 Win95 OSR2.1 - no problems at all on either...)

Along the same lines, there is a Windows 95 (95B OS, I believe) network share that the same NT Wkstn is connected to. Once a day between 9am and 11am, the share "denies access" to the resource. Opening said drive through explorer reveals that the user has "access denied" to that share.  The Win95 station is logged on to the network permanently and logs in with Share Level access on.  All IP Addresses correct, using DHCP.   Again, 1 NT Wktsn 4.0/SP3 and 1 Win95 OSR2.1 attached to same share - no problems).

Totally whacked.

I've replaced the MUP.SYS file on the NT Wkstn from original NT Wkstn CD. Will attempt to put SP4 on it as it is company standard.  Any other suggestions?  


Matt Watson
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Guessing:  users are mapping their own drive letters to the share on the NTWS.  I don't know if NTWS has glitches that automap randomly to shares.  Maybe it's a pre SP4 bug? Can you install SP5 or 6a, as they are the most current?  

I don't know about the 95 share...sounds like a switch somewhere that is denying access if it is strictly to that time frame.  Maybe a registry entry causing it.
mawatsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.   I'll give SP5 or even SP6 a shot until the problem goes away.

I have considered the option of REGEDIT on the 95 machine and the NT machine in question.

in general it is a bad idea to load files off of the cdrom without immediatly re-applying the most current service pack
the files from the cdrom are like sp0 and won't get along with the newer versions of other files on your system
Create a batch file with a command
NET USE DRIVE_LETTER: \\SERVER_NAME\SHARENAME and put in the netlogon share  of the server and mention the batch file in the logon box in the user's properties.

If the problem still persist apply latest service pack
                   Good Luck

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Tim HolmanCommented:
You'd best reject that poor excuse for an answer !

I've heard of this problem before - where the vacant drive letters are filled up with shares from A to Z.

It was either Findfast or problems with a dodgy Lexmark print server that caused this.

So - try disabling Findfast, and have a sniff on your network to see where these packets are coming from if that doesn't fix it.
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