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If I have a java applet running on the client machine and it communicates with the Java Servlet on the server, is there any universal solution(fit for all popular servers) that the servlet can pass variables and information it gets from the request headers to a C/C++ program running on the server?

I have checkout some other java books, but none of them talks about the communication between Java code and C/C++ code.

Thank you.
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how about using Tcl to 'glue' your servlet and C/C++ program ?
Yes you can pass the data through sockets.
That is provided you have the c/c++ programs setup as servers that will listen on a server socket for data to arrive from the servlet.The servlet can then pass this data to the c/c++ programs through the socket that is opens on the program.

UTEKAuthor Commented:
I would be appreciated if you can give me some more details/resource links on the suggestions.

For rainmal:
Is that mean a C/C++ can pass back the data to the servlet using open the socket?
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How about CORBA?  CORBA allows you to call methods in C++ from Java.  Check out the Visigenics CORBA solution:
Yeah you can pass back data to the servlet.
One of the ways you could do this is just invoke the servlet through the socket and pass the data as a name value pairs

or you could spawn a thread through the servlet that will listen to requests from the c++ program on a socket

Jason hunter shows how this is done in his daytime servlet example.
you can find this at

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maybe you could look up the chat servlet that uses sockets to transfer data between an applet and the servlet as well.
If you are looking for a long term solution, you probably want to seriously consider CORBA. When it comes to multi-tiered applications that involves legacy code in different languages, CORBA is the most comprehensive solution yet, imho.

One big plus is that only the CORBA wrapper developers need to learn CORBA, and the rest of the programmers on the two ends would only worry about what they already know.

If you plan to use EJB and application servers, a CORBA development environment is often provided already.
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