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CRITICAL:Recycle Bin Without Windows

Here's the problem.

  I had my registry file deleted (system.dat, system.da0) and they are still in the recycle bin. I've extracted older system.dat(0)files into the correct place, but explorer crashes.
How do I get to the recycle bin either in dos, or in windows without using explorer.exe, because it crashes.

1 Solution
The recyle bin is acutally a folder on the C: drive

It is usually called Recycled

the path would be c:\Recycled

You will probably have to play with the attributes to get to the directory and to retrieve files from it.

Hope that helps

As Aba stated it is called recycled.  When you do a dir of your c: you will notice that you cannot see it.  It has the attribute of H which means it is hidden.  Type the command of
and you should see your files you need.
Try and restore your registry from that location.  Good luck and stay tuned as the experts will continue to help you through this process.

just want to add a little "dir" switch that "hewittg" has forgotten...you have to type "dir \recycled /a"...then you can see ALL the files...regardless of their attributes.

If you want to change the attributes, use "attrib"...there are four DOS attributes; archive (a), system (s), hidden (h) and read-only (r) (RASH - that's how I remember them!)

you'll need to type something like "attrib -r -h -s" before you can delete some files....if there are subdirectories, and you want to change the attributes of all the files, type "attrib -r -h -s /s"

Now..you can see the deleted files and delete them/restore them. Restoring should be simple; just move the selected file to another folder.

Hope this helps
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apalmerAuthor Commented:
OK, I got the files out of the recycle bin, but it is still givin me an error. (Explorer Crashes)

Any Ideas?
maybe you can try to restore explorer?? if you're running Win98, try to run SFC (system file checker) and restore explorer.exe
Did you get them to c:\windows\ or to c:\?
apalmerAuthor Commented:
Sorry Guys, but I ended up installing Windows98 to fix the problem.

I'll have to give abaldwin the points, because he first responded to the recycle bin problem which helped me.

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