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Hi, I have a HelpDask Request form which is created with Electronic Forms Designer Runtime(it only generates 16 bit App) by other person. It is a 16 bit App and it works fine with Outlook 97. But it doesn't work with Outlook 2000. Outlook 2000 doesn't seem to take 16 bit App anymore(Is it true). I am asked to create a 32 bit helpDask Request form(I never did this kind of App before). My questions are: Can I modify it from the original form? If no, which way is the easiest way to recreate the App?

Thanks for any help.  
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TokeMUpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think there is a 16 bit addon for outlook 200 forms. It comes on the cd of office 2000. let find out, I'll keep ya posted.
Choose Tools > Forms > Design a Form

From there you can design your own form

Best resource that might help you is a book called 'Building Applications with MSOutlook 2000'.
This MS KB article discusses the use of EFD stuff with OL2000:

You can also get this article by sending an E-mail with a subject of "Q146672" (without the quotes) to

This link should automate that for you:
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