Need to get the USER that logged in...

I have a program that runs on a Secure server.  The user types in a URL that looks somewhat like this..

I need to be able to get JOE out of that.  The server itself will take care of actually authenticating the user, I just want to be able to grab the user name.  I thought $ENV{REMOTE_USER} was the way to get that but so far it isn't working..
Is that the correct way to get that information and if not, how do I get it?



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Try this code:


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

foreach (keys %ENV)
print "Key: $_  ==> Value: $ENV{$_}<br>";

It will show you what vars are available.  Make sure to put it in a protected place that forces a log in and ten you'll see if an env var is being created by you server which will work.  Remember that not all servers create the same CGI Env Vars so this shows what ones DO exists.

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try this


use CGI;

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";


$ENV{SERVER_URL}=~ /https:\/\/(.*):.*@.*/;
print $1,"<br>\n";  ##OUPUT will be joe

#### OR YOU CAN USE THIS#########
$tmp[1]=~ s/\/\///g;
print $tmp[1],"<br>\n";##OUPUT will be joe
PalamedesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guadalupe.. Thank showed it.. it's AUTH_USER  ... sheesh..


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