Title bar colour

Is it possible to tweak the title bar's colour and set it by ourselves?
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Use the SetSysColors function with the following elements.

It will take more than a tweak.
I assume that you don't want to change the title bar of _all_ windows.

I found this microsoft article on the subject:
HOWTO: Draw a Custom Window Caption

explanations, sample code etc...

Good luck, Mike
AphroditusAuthor Commented:
I am a real beginner and would like further explanation on how to do this on a dialog box's caption bar instead of the mainframe's...
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There's no one-liner that does this.

You'll have to create a new class of dialog box and override some methods.

Is there something at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q99/0/46.ASP that you don't understand?

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AphroditusAuthor Commented:
may i know which methods of the dialog box must i override...

I don't understand how dialog boxes handle their caption bar. Hope you could shine some light here.
You'll have to add handlers for

Use the class wizard to create OnNcPaint and OnNcActivate for you. Call the default implementations: CDialog::OnNcPaint and CDialog::OnNcActivate and then do your own thing similar to microsoft's page.

Try to expand on the following:

void CTestingDlg::OnNcPaint()
    RECT rc1, rc2;

    // Let Windows do what it usually does. Let the window caption
    // be empty to avoid any Windows-initiated caption bar drawing

    CDC *pDC = GetWindowDC();
    GetWindowRect( (LPRECT)&rc2 );

    // Compute the caption bar's origin. This window has a system box
    // a minimize box, a maximize box, and has a resizeable frame

    int x = GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXSIZE ) +
        GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXBORDER ) +
        GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXFRAME );
    int y = GetSystemMetrics( SM_CYFRAME );
        rc1.left = x;
        rc1.top = y;

    // 2*x gives twice the bitmap+border+frame size. Since there are
    // only two bitmaps, two borders, and one frame at the end of the
    // caption bar, subtract a frame to account for this.

    rc1.right = rc2.right - rc2.left - 2*x -
        GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXFRAME );
    rc1.bottom = GetSystemMetrics( SM_CYSIZE );

    // Render the caption. Use your own color...

    COLORREF cr = pDC->SetBkColor( 0x00777777 );
    pDC->DrawText( (LPSTR)"Left Justified Caption", -1,
        (LPRECT)&rc1, DT_LEFT );
    pDC->SetBkColor( cr );
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