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Netscape vs. IE Table Question

I am working on a page which is made up of tables. I have a background image on the center frame. When I view the page in IE 5.0, it looks fine. But when I view it in Netscape 4.05, I can not see the background image. You can view the page at www.techcadre.com/tcb... its the first test site.
1 Solution
we cant view the page until you post the entire URL .-)
tscalzittiAuthor Commented:
I see that there was a problem linking to the url. It is simply:


just change your code and it worked. just give one space  


<title>--[Welcome to the Town Center Bank]--</title>

<div align="center"><center>

<table border="0" width="755" height="148">
    <td width="146" height="148" rowspan="2" bgcolor="#898989" valign="top"><p align="center"><img
    src="information.jpg" width="146" height="60" alt="information.jpg (1559 bytes)"><br>
    <img src="history.jpg" width="146" height="60"><br>
    <img src="community.jpg" width="146" height="60"><br>
    <img src="trivia.jpg" width="146" height="60"><br>
    <img src="logo2.jpg" width="146" v align="bottom"></td>
    <td width="601" height="330" background="back.gif" bgcolor="#ffffff">&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="601" height="79" bgcolor="#898989"><p align="center">
    <applet code="TwoWayTick.class" height="35" width="580">
      <param name="back_rgb" value="898989">
      <param name="frrgb" value="ffffff">
      <param name="bkrgb" value="000000">
      <param name="frfont.size" value="18">
      <param name="bkfont.size" value="28">
      <param name="frfont.family" value="Helvetica">
      <param name="bkfont.family" value="Courier">
      <param name="frmsg"
      value="Welcome to the Town Center Bank Website... The Town Center Bank is located at 10413 SE 82nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon">
      <param name="bkmsg" value="The Return of Civilization">
      <param name="delay" value="10">
      <param name="frleft" value="true">
      <param name="bkleft" value="false">
      <param name="frmovestep" value="1">
      <param name="bkmovestep" value="2">
      <param name="url"></center>

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