" is not a valid integer value.

In a journal/diary application, when I try to add a new entry by selecting a date I am getting the following error:

 " is not a valid integer value.

What is the cause of this and is there a way to prevent it?


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Do you have a numeric field that is being validated when you select the date?



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depending on which component you use
to enter the date you can use a mask
telling your program what symbols to accept or no - so you can disable
letters input. Then, if you entered
a digits, but in wrong combination
(like 45/75/2000) you should write
OnChange or OnEnter event handle where you can validate entered date for
acceptable ranges (1..31,1..12 etc)
additional work maybe required to
check dates for leap years, 1996,2000,2004)

JohnEAuthor Commented:
Raymonds comment sent me searching down another path.

As it turns out, selecting the date was a trigger for another process that was causing the error. An integer value for a font size setting had been deleted, so causing the error.

Thanks for your help, sorry to take you down the wrong path.

Raymond deserves some points for causing me to think in the new direction.

Hi John,

Glad you found the problem! If you want to award me the points from this Q you can use the 'Accept comment as answer' link. Or, if you prefer, you can delete this Q and post a dummy Q eg: 'For RWilson' with the number of points you want to give.


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