"PPP Daemon died unexpectely" error

I'a new user of the Corel-Linux OS.I keep getting the "PPP Daemon died
unexpectedly" error when I try to dial-up my ISP. Can anyone tell me how to
fix this?. I have never use any Linus OS
until a few days ago and don't know my
way around the system very well.
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try this command: more /var/log/messages, or if that has too much info: tail /var/log/messages - this should give some information, if you need more you can run pppd with the -d option for more debugging information. The problem is most likely in the authentication procedure, assuming the modem is dialing and getting a connection. What program did you use to set up the isp connection?
Hello TPav870,

I believe this problem is the result of one of two things, You are not authenticating to the host correctly, or you are authenticating and then you are not setting up a link correctly.

Lets start with the most simple solution and work up from there, Open Dial-Up, click on Setup, Select the account you setup and click edit, In the authentication field make sure that this is seat to the same that your ISP uses, most can use PAP, few can use CHAP, next select the DNS tab on the top, In the DNS IP address enter two DNS address provided by your ISP if you can not get them from your ISP you can use these, Now click ok on this form, and click ok on the next form, If you changed the authentication method then try and connect again, if you did not change it the goto the second set of instructions.

The second solution (Do this only if the first solution did not work or help) click on the console, type su and enter your root password, if you are not root then follow these instructions.

1) type "mv /etc/ppp/options /etc/ppp/options.old"
2) type "/usr/X11R6/bin/kedit /etc/ppp/options"
3) This will bring up a window to edit this file which as you might have guessed is the configuration file for the ppp dameon.

4) Cut and paste or type this text into the kedit window, replacing <username> with the username for your ISP. (You do not need to copy the pounded out lines

#Begin /etc/ppp/options
user <username>
#this makes your ppp connection the default route for network traffic
#This will create disagnostic messages incase this does not work or you have more problems
#This disables VJ header compression which some ISPs have a problem with
#This turns off CCP, which many ISPs dont work with
mtu 552
mru 552

5) Select file->save, then file->exit.
6) Try to connect to your ISP again
7) If this still does not work reject my answer and in the rejection place the output of the command tail /etc/ppp/ppp.info (Must be done as root) and the command tail /etc/ppp/ppp.debug (This may have your username and password in it, PLEASE remove it if you see this)


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Hello TPav870:

I thought maybe these url's could be usefull to you,
I'm a new Corel Linux user myself.  One is a FAQ on PPP
and the other is a ppp how-to.  

:~) hope these help you
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