PERL in Win32

How would I remove/delete a file from perl while perl in win32 doesn't have rm.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The standard programatical way of deleting a file from within a perl script is to "unlink file;". This method is platform independent.
tanc02Author Commented:
please give me more detail.
I have win98.
Okay, if I have a perl script and from within that script I wish to remove a file I would have a line of perl code that looks like:

unlink "this-file.dat";

The file name can be a variable as in:

$trash = "C:\temp\tempfile.tmp";
unlink $trash;

Or it can be a list. If list is omitted, it unlinks the file given in $_. The unlink function returns the number of files deleted. Typically, unlink will not remove directories (on Unix you have to be the superuser and invoke perl with the -U option).
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