I made a mistake and can't recover

I recently that I could get a boost in performance by setting up my UDMA33 hard drives in WIN98.

Here is what I did:
1) Start --> Settings --> Control Panel
2) Double clicked on System
3) Clicked on Device Manager Tab
4) Opened Disk Drives
5) Highlighted one of my disk drives
6) Selected Properties
7) Clicked on Settings Tab
8) Checked the DMA box and received a message that said "Changing these settings may have undesirable effects with your hardware ..."
9) Selected OK and repeated this for my other hard drive.

It asked me to restart to make the settings take effect and when it restarted it takes forever to start and then it just sits there with an hourglass next to the mouse arrow.

How do I get back in to System to reverse the change I made?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Tornado, can you boot to the safe mode? pslh
I suggest you boot in safe mode and verify if you could change your setup.
and restart to see the result.

if not you will probably need to use a Diskmanager Disk to repair the disk type in the boot sector of the disk.
Tornado, if you can't get into safemode, let us know as you can also do a real mode (via DOS) edit of the registry as well to resolve this.
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Tornado092798Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 300
Tornado092798Author Commented:
I was able to boot into safe mode after a very long time and unfortunately the DMA box was not available to turn off.

Also, I was able to boot up after a really long time and got into System and one hard disk was not listed in the Device Manager. The Primary IDE fifo controller shows a conflict.

I also tried without success editing the registry from DOS as follows:

1) Booted to A drive with Windows Start-up disk
2) typed the following:
   attrib -h -r -s system.dat

this produced a message that said "invalid parameters"

  attrib system.dat -h -r -s

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Tornado, Try this,
Go to the command mode by pressing <CTRL> key before the win98 logo appears.
At the C:\> prompt, type "scanreg /restore" without the quotation and press enter.

You will have rb*.cab in a list. Select the one with date and time that before the changes made. Select and confirm to restore to that system cabinet file.

Restart the computer after finished.

See if any help.      pslh

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Tornado, give Pslh's suggestion a try. If that doesn't work, there is still another way we can handle this without losing any data.
Do you know the manufacturer of the motherboard's chipset?  I would recomend going to their website and looking for an update for their IDE or UDMA drivers.  This may help.
start your computer up and when the screen appears-starting windows 98...press the F8 key. you may have to try this a couple of times before you get it right, but you should see a windows startup menu.  you need to choose the safe-mode option.  this will allow you to boot with a minimal of drivers and get to your control panel.  you should be able to get into your device manager in your system control panel and remove the hard disk controllers completely.  you will have to restart and reload the drivers for your hard disk controllers, but windows will step you the reinstallation process.

good luck :)
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Tornado, Thanks!  (and thank to Dennis, too. )     pslh
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