Cross platform secure doc transfer (locking code needed)?

I publish plans over the internet but instead of mailing them out I want to let customers DL the files.  

I know that Acrobat is probably what I need, but noticed that Winzip has a code lock so I can be sure of payment prior to releasing the plans.  

Couldn't I just put my plans in HTML format and winzip them?  Every platform can read HTML (I assume) but is there a Winzip that's for Macs? Or something like it that works for both computers but still is lockable?

Thanks, Ken
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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.) ZIP exits on the MAC: ZipIT or Aladin Drop Zip
2.) Html is an good idea but you could have problems with the CR/LF on the Macintosh. (The MAC use only CR) but many programms are able to handle this. Another format which should work is Rich Text.
Btw If you want to sent a file which looks exacty the same on both you have to use pdf or you must convert your text to an graphic format (jpg, ...)
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