sound card problem

I'm using Win98 & my sound card is C-media. I do not know why I can't play CD music from the audio CD player which generates no sound at all from the speakers. All the other multimedia applications work fine.

When I go to Control Panel -> System I can see my audio player file called CMI8330 and but it says that this file is not on my computer.

Therefore I downloaded this file from the internet ( and installed it to my computer. And again I could still not play CD's (music) from the PC speakers. Though Control Panel -> System suggests that the file is already installed.
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DoolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello my name is wayne from sydney Australia i hope i can help I must admit i am not familiar with your card but Your need to open up your computer and check to see if you have an audio cable connected from your CD Rom to your Sound card if you want to play Cd music.Fortunatly these are not that expensive from computer shops.Just take out the sound card out and the shop should have one or should make one for you.
is the cd drive properly physically installed, does it need to be hooked up to the sound card, if so is it?
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Have you check volume control to check to see that CD volume is not mute.
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