unix/solaris for PC?

I want to become familiar with the unix operating system. Is there a version of unix that will run on a p.c.
 Any help would be great.
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samriConnect With a Mentor Commented:

    You can check out Linux OS, they are very good I would say, and most interesting one is that they are free (in a way, you can download them and install it).  Check out RedHat (a version of Linux) at http://www.redhat.com
    For more choice of Linux, you can browse to       http://www.linuxhq.com/dist.html

      You can have a list of Linux distributions.

    Or if you are more interested in so-called commercial-type UNIX, try Solaris


   You need to register, and place an order.  I bet for $10.00 media (Solaris 7), and some shipping cost, would be a very attractive deal to take.

Additionally the BSD variants (OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and BSDi) all run quite nicely on PC hardware.

As far as ease of setup for the unix newbie, I'd suggest either Corel's Linux distribution, or Caldera's OpenLinux.  I've had some very poor experiences with RedHat 6.1 recently which is why I won't endorse that product.  But there's many to choose from... so have fun!
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