relating url in e-mail

How do i send an url with an e-mail (which my script automaticly send to someone). The idea is that if the receiver clicks on the url which is located in the e-mail message, he/she will be taken to my site. A script must then be able to find out who clicked on the url.
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I think the best would be to send the multipart MIME message
via email. Body part of the message would also have HTML
where you could make a link to your page. A link should look
something like this.

&lt;a href=mycgi&gt;http://mylink</a>;

In your cgi program you should then look who clicked on
the link and then get the user to your site. For a more detailed
description you will have to increase points.

This can be easily done by calling your webpage with a querystring. For example:

where user is the the one you sent the email to.

good luck
Hi Marko,

How do I rewrite the link:

&lt;a href=mycgi&gt;http://mylink</a>;

so that a description will appear instead of the complete url. And where does mycgi stand for ?
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saskiaAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 35
saskiaAuthor Commented:
$mailserver="/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject -t";
open(MAIL,"|$mailserver -t")||die "can't open sendmail\n";
print "Send to: $form{'EMAIL'}!!\n";
print MAIL "To: $form{'EMAIL'} \n\n  ";
print MAIL "From: $test \n\n";
print MAIL "Subject: $test \n\n";
print MAIL "Reply-to: $test \n\n";
print MAIL "Welcome $test \n\n";
print MAIL "&lt;a href=mycgi&gt;http://mylink</a>this is a test";       ####< Help me out on this line please
close (MAIL);
print "done\n";

Please look at ####< Help me out on this line
This is where I'm talking about, it must be a descripted url, but I keep getting the <a href ....>
sentence in my e-mails when I test the script. Can someone tell me what lines I need to change/Add ?
From the above script I asume that you have sendmail program. Do you have the program metasend installed on your server? It is very easy to send the MIME multipart mail with metasend. Make a HTML page as it should appear in the mail. Then send the HTML via metasend. The syntax is as follows:

/usr/bin/metasend -b -t -f mail.html -s Welcome -m \"text/html" -F my.address\ -D "Welcome mail" -S 99999999

To use the command from PERL use system command.

If you don't have metasend you will have to make a multipart MIME message by yourself. That is more complicated. Try to get metasend. If you can't get it let me know to show you how to make MIME mail by yourself.

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saskiaAuthor Commented:
ok, not exactly what i ment but it will do. tnx
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