boot "NT Server" as "NT Workstation" ?

I want to run a piece of software (PartitionMagic) that does not support NT Server.

How can I boot my NT4 Server as NT Workstation?

I have heard there is simply a registry entry that defines the difference.

"NT Workstation" is on my boot list (not sure how it got there - I only have one Winnt directory).  But when I pick it, the splash still says "NT Server" and so does PartitionMagic.

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i'm not aware of this registry entry but since you installed partitoin magic how about just booting the "rescue disk", it lets you do everything that partiton magic does without even going in to windows
You might be able to trick the Server by editing the BOOT.INI file so that when you think you are choosing NT Server form the menu it really boot up NT Workstation. You just have to tell it where to get the file from. The reason ehy you see Server and Workstaion on the menu is in this file as well, and it's because at one time Workstations was installed on the machine and a complete format wasn't done before someone put Server on it.
But you only want to run Partition magic? So why don´t you boot in dos(with floppy) and start the PartMagic  DOS progs?
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Yup, there is a registry hack to do this.  NOT supported by MSFT (obviously).  In NT4SP1 they added "2 worker threads" that spend thier whole existence wathcing for someone to attempt this hack.  If you want the actual doc, let me know, I'll post it.

All in all, I'd have to say it's not worth trying, but the document is a fascinating read into just how SIMILAR Wkstation and Server really are.

I'm not sure  fully understand your issue. I haven't heard of the hack. Whatever the installation points to is what you have on your system. check the boot.ini for the partition where NT is installed. If both are the same then what you see is what you get, isn't it? I'd be interested to see the article if you'd post it. I know they're essentially very similar, but didn't think you coulg change this. If NT Workstation is on the boot list then it was there at some point. Perhaps someone upgraded the installation. That being the case, I'd have expected that boot.ini would have been upgraded. Put the workstation CD in as I'm sure you can just downgrade the installation. If you don't use server then there's no point having it on the machine. After you've done this manually edit the boot.ini and delete the lines that refer to the installation you don't want. Delete with care but it's fairly obvious what's what.
You can't "downgrade" from server to ws.  I've tried this and it just doesn't work.  I ended up wrecking my installation and had to start again from scratch.
Tim HolmanCommented:
NTFS is NTFS, regardless of whether or not server or workstation is running on it.
You need Partition Magic v4+ I think to fully support NTFS.
What version are you using ?
The differences between srv and ws are minimal - there's an article at describing this.
I've used PM with NT server without any problems (apart from using version 3 without any patches, which trashed the boot record...).
I'm not sure what you need to do but there are several options. If disk space is not a problem on your system drive you can install nt workstation while you are booted in nt server  by running winnt32.exe off the workstation cd and choose a different installation directory such as winntws. The install will run and you will have a dual boot machine. The next time your sever boots you can choose to start nt workstation instead of server. If you are needing to repartion your server PQ makes a product called server magic that can do it on the fly while NT server is running even the system drive.
   I'm interested in this question because I've loaded NT Server BUT it doesn't seem to have all the goodies NT Workstation has (for example hal.lib).  I thought Server was everything Workstation was BUT had awhole lot more for being a true security host??
FrankA and 549770 are both partially right. You had NT WS installed originally and someone installed Server over it. If you have partition magic V 4.0 or greater you can boot from a Dos floppy and run the pqmagic from the emergency disk1. It fits on a single floppy  and has full mouse control. I have done this many times and it works great.
I hope this helps
Multiple requests for the OReilly article on differences between NT Server and Workstation, so here's the link (they detail the hack to fake out WKst into Srvr, but don't recommend it). Still, a very well written document!


(Imagine running NT3.51, where you changed ONE registry key, and now you had NT Server for the price of NT Workstation!!)

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KirvanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great answers.  I was away for awhile and didn't get back to this - now it's tough to choose who gets the points.

Adam923 gave the best help for my immediate problem, and it worked right off, thanks, Adam.  (It never ocurred to me the DOS boot would support NTFS, but of course! PM works at a very low level, and has its own code for NTFS read/write.)  Frank and SysExpert also gave this sharp see-through-to-the-real-problem response.

But I've had a side bet with a friend about the main question, and I really wanted the answer.  Dougp23 came closest to the exact howto, so he gets the points.  (Sorry I couldn't split the points, Adam.)

Thanks also to 547790 and Bryandillingham for good tips.  -Kirvan
Tim HolmanCommented:
I'm sorry, but I've already proposed the O'Reilly article in my link - I think it's unfair to give Doug the points seeming he suggested it afterwards.
KirvanAuthor Commented:
yes, Tim, I wish I could split the points.  I poked around from your link and didn't find the article, and then of course Doug gave the exact link, so I found it.  Also, Doug was the first to respond with info about this issue.

<sigh> anyway, that was my logic.  Sorry on behalf of all Inflexible Systems Everywhere.  -k
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